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Abuse Hurts Until You Heal It. Did you grow up in a family where there was chronic verbal abuse and/or other dysfunctional behavior? Like many others, you may be experiencing some of the following symptoms: depression and/or anxiety (maybe mild and recurrent), flashbacks, marked distress or phobia of stimuli related to the abuse, intrusive thoughts of abuse, numbing, isolation, anger management or other behavioral control issues, difficulties concentrating, exaggerated startle response, and sense of diminished future. The Circle of Healing is designed to teach you how to reduce or eliminate these symptoms. It's a blend of Mind-Body therapy, Art Therapy, Cognitive and Depth Psychology. It's a skills based approach designed to be an Intensive Program. See



Skill Set 1 Breathing, Meditation, and Visualization: Learn to Use Breath to Center And Heal the Emotional Sting of Abuse, Use Meditation to Stop the Inner Chatter and Tune into Your Intuition. Design a Container for memories of Abuse. Use Visualization to Center and Protect Yourself and to Create a New Life.

Skill Set 2 Emotional Buoyancy: Learn How to Stay With Your Emotions until they run Full Circle and You are Restored to Your True Essence. Make a Collage of Anger.

Skill Set 3 Grieving Losses: Learn the Natural Cycle of Grief. Learn to Grieve "Constructively." Identifying Losses: "What's in Your Lost and found?" Engage in a "Good Grief" Ritual.

Skill Set 4 Self Care: Exercise and Good Nutrition are Good Medicine. Wear Walking Shoes. Releasing Negativity: Soak up the Goodies in Life.

Skill Set 5 Learning to Talk Nicely to Yourself - The First Agreement is Integrity. Learn to Use Cognitive Exercises and Meditation to Transform the "Inner Bluebeard." Make a Comfort Box.

Skill Set 6 Discover and Change Unconscious Beliefs. Improve Self Esteem: Take a Positive Inventory. Sleuth your Behavioral Clues to Identify Hidden Beliefs and Shift Your Paradigm.

Skill Set 7 Dealing with Fear: Anxiety Reduction. Pushing the Envelope. Deconditioning Conditioned Fears from Trauma Through Relaxation. Landscape of Emotion.

Skill Set 8 Self Discovery: The Dive. Learn a Technique that Connects you to your Essential Self while resolving new and old stuff. Learn to turn conflict into intimacy.

Skill Set 9 Joining the Circle is a method that combines a lot of the above techniques and connects you to your good. Support Net.

Skill Set 10 Learning to Trust Others: See the Good in Others. The Art of Apology. Forgiveness is a Gift to Yourself. Find Your Tribe. Layered Feelings.

Skill Set 11 Understanding Dreams: Using Your Dreamweaver as Guide. Unlock the Mysteries of the Creativity & Intelligence of Your Dream Life. The Sanctuary.

Skill Set 12 Laughter Therapy. Better health through Giggles, Guffaws, and Belly Laughs. Closure ceremony.

(The items in purple indicate art therapy activities.)

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